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Advanced Stages Of EU Falling down?

Postby curiousese on 26 Jun 2011

Though it could sound unbelivable, companies are really starting to wonder if the current situation in Europeian Union is going to cause another crisis.

Some finance people went into sell unstable euro first and ask questions after mode after chatter suggested Greece was in some serious trouble.

Reading a slew of reports, Greece may quick be unable to pay of its debt obligations. Different plans range from a second Europe bailout to debt forgiveness “that would hit population in Germany and the rest democratics straight in the wallet.”

Meanwhile, S&P downgraded Greece's credit rating one step closer into trash territory to B, just one notch above Pakistan. The ratings agency mirrored concerns, saying Athens may have to downgrade the limit value of its borders by up to 75 percent. This will give a big losses for investors.

Also false leads are swirling that what’s happening with Athens will not so far happen with other countries including Portugal and Italy.
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