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The choice homes

Postby Preusse25 on 30 Jul 2008

The current trend in residential real estate of Cochin is to ensure you have at least one house in the City. Cochin apartments and flats have more marketability than any other type of residential options.

The main reason for this is the steep rise in land prices. The unprecedented increase in land value has made apartments and flats a viable and better option for the poor, middle class, and even the upper middle class.

The number of high-rise projects that are currently ongoing in the city is a clear indication of this trend among the Cochinites. People from other places in the state of Kerala too prefer to have a Cochin apartment or flat for investment or other purposes. The apartments in the city are known to be revenue generators.

The security of living in a community environment where common security factors can be jointly handled is one major attraction while opting for an apartment or flat in the city. A number of other common facilities like entertainment and health facilities that are too expensive to maintain individually becomes affordable when maintained as a group. All this make apartments and flats the preferred mode of living in a city like Cochin even for the very rich.

Builders have various categories of building projects that cater exclusively to the needs of a certain sector of the society. This ensures that the neighbors in an apartment complex will be of the same interests and needs